World Champs-Lake Placid 2012

Final race of the season and I can’t believe it’s here already. Time has flown by, yet has seemed to drag on all at the same time. There has been a little bit of everything this year so far, some good /bad & ugly, but I hope we can cap it off with a World Championship title. We spent a couple weeks here at the start of this season for training and testing in preparation for this race, and I pray that it all pays off. I am a little scared because usually I do very well on this track, it was my first ever World Cup podium result, but last year I had 2 of my worst finishes ever. I can’t however afford to bring my fears into my current work, all I can do is learn from them and never repeat the same mistake twice. I know that this year is a much different year, and with winning the last 2 World Cup races we have good momentum. Overall I am a stronger more consistent pilot this year, Jenny and I are together again in order to secure our strongest start,and we have proven that our new sleds are fast. All three of these points on paper are what make a winning combination, so we have done our job and set this race up as best we could, now it’s time to perform. Something about this race gives me a very good feeling, but anything is possible in Bobsleigh so I never take a single thing for granted.

On the plane ride over here from Calgary, I picked up SportsNet Magazine because on the cover was a photo of Sarah Burke that read “ 1982-2012: The untold story of a life on the edge.” I wanted to read all about who she was and why everyone loved her.

“ Nothing Seemed out of Reach: Freeskier Sarah Burke was at the top of her game – she beat the boys, landed every trick and had her sights on Olympic Gold. Her incredible life and the accident that ended it all.”

It wasn’t the typical story that I usually read the day before the race, I prefer when the Hero wins and saves the day, but I wanted to know more about a women who routinely pushed limits and did it in style. I learned about the type of person she was and the standards to which she held herself and everyone around her accountable. She was an advocate for Women in sport, and believed in pushing herself in order to be the very best on the hill (girl or boy). She was loved by everyone within her sport, as well as anyone who had ever met her, and was extremely gorgeous. A model for the type of person we all wish to be. It was an extremely inspiring article, and I hope to do Sarah proud this weekend. I dedicate my performance to her.

Post Race:
“The fat lady is singing, Your #1” was the first poster I saw while standing on top of the podium immediately following the race. It was a response to one of the tweets I had made after day #1 of competition and I am happy that it could be held up with pride. I can now say that I am the current World and Olympic Champion, and it feels amazing. The easiest way I can explain what it feels like (from my body’s point of view) is when you really really have to pee, you feel like your bladder is going to explode, and you finally get to go. The relief that overtakes your whole body is one of pure pleasure, and to me the shivers that come along with that are one of the best feelings in the world. I am so happy to be done the race, to know that I didn’t screw it up I did my best and it was enough, is a relief in the happiest kind. Afterward followed by a “what now?” feeling, I am trying to just live in the moment, focus on what I have just achieved, and not already start thinking about next year. Everyday I set goals but I have become some type of goal setting monster because when I achieve them, wether big or small ,it usually feels the same. The issue is sometimes when your goals for the day are scrubbing the toilet, washing the dog, and writing an email you don’t get to stand on top of a podium and sing “O Canada” when they are complete. The feeling of winning this major race was very different to the one in Vancouver , not only for the obvious reason’s, but because it wasn’t as big of a surprise. I feel like i could really enjoy this one more because I knew what winning entailed, I had practiced it.

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