World Champs-Lake Placid 2012

Pre-Race: Final race of the season and I can’t believe it’s here already. Time has flown by, yet has seemed to drag on all at the same time. There has been a little bit of everything this year so far, some good /bad & ugly, but I hope we can cap it off with a World Championship title. We spent [...]

LaPlange, France

Pre-race: This is a brand new track for most of us Bobsleigh athlete’s. There hasn’t been a race here since 2001, and after driving here all week I think it’s a shame. The last time there was a race here, a couple women had some bad crashes and were seriously injured so they ended up closing the track, until now.It’s [...]

Catching Up

This summer so far has been pretty busy, and it’s just starting to wind down. I am looking forward to being able to focus more on training and getting into the best shape for this coming season, while making strides towards 2014. I have a few things planned for the rest of the summer, but nothing like last year. Last [...]

First Day in Monrovia, Libera

Our first stop on day 1 was to the Right To Play (RTP) National office. There we met the National Director of RTP in Liberia, Natasha, as well as many of the other staff. Everyone was elated that we were there and Kyle, Jaime and myself were equally excited. The next 5 days we would get to know everyone quite [...]


In my latest blog I made a grave mistake. Sinful really. I am here to say I retract my date about Kyle’s gold medal. SORRY KYLE!!! just noticed that it says 2002 and it should say 2004. Kyle Won his gold medal in the 2004 , Athens, Greece OWG.

Right to Play Visit – Liberia

On my way to Liberia ( Africa) and I am very excited. I am an athlete ambassador for an excecellent charity called RIGHT TO PLAY. It’s an organization that believes every child deserves the right to play no matter gender, age, race or where you come from. The travel so far though to Monrovia has been exhausting and I can [...]


Finale A common question that was asked after the race was over, by almost everyone, was “Are you happy with your result?”. My first initial reaction is to say NO, because I didn’t win, but taking a step back and looking at the season as a whole, I can honestly say that Yes I am happy with my result. The [...]

Fortune Cookies

“Your Sports Team Will Be Very Successful This Year”. It’s a fortune cookie message that I have taped to the inside of my computer. I opened it last year in October while we were in Whistler, before the 2009/10 season started.I have never been one to believe these messages, as they usually have no significance to anything that truly happens [...]

Race #7

Race #7 Recently I was talking with an American pilot, Bree Schaaf, about this summer after the Olympics and heading into this competitive year. She raced in Vancouver, and finished 5th which was very good. She was talking about how heading into this season and during the summer she noticed that she went thru a bit of depression, and I [...]

Are You Pregnant?

Are you pregnant? This is the question that was posed to us after the race here in Winterberg. Not because our speed suits are extremely tight, unflattering, and have two zippers for all the guys in case of a bathroom break. It was because we are bobsledders, and hungry ones at that. Food is something we don’t really struggle with, [...]